Partner Program

Get $50

For every successful vehicle subscription you refer to

Refer us to your friends and collegagues. They will have 14 days to signup. Once they are our subscriber for 4 weeks, we pay you $50. Paid monthly.

  • Earn more revenue

    Who doesn't like extra cash? The more you refer, the more you earn and this can be a second income source for you.

  • Transfer the rewards

    You can transfer your funds to your own, friend's or family's local or international bank account straight from Wise app.

  • Get expert support

    Don't know how to refer or need any advise, connect with us to get expert advise on how to use the platform and make most of it.

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* Currently we are tracking link based referral only. We are planning to rollout cookie based referral tracking system eventually.

  • $50

    Referral reward

  • 35

    Days review period

  • 14

    Days cookie window*

Singup to WISE to get paid.

You will need to have WISE account to get paid. We only use Wise Mass Pay to payout your rewards and cannot transfer directly to your bank account.

Motion Partner Program

Welcome to the
Motion Rental Partner Program

You have been an amazing customer. It’s just about the time, we start rewarding you for the work that you have done previously and will continue to do. ‘REFERRING’

Refer us to your friends and colleagues and get rewarded.

You should get rewarded for referring us. 🙌

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Benefits of using Wise

You can transfer these rewards into your own or your friend's or family's Australian or International bank account

Payout cycle

It is important to note that the payout cycle consist of 3 major events in subscription cycle.

  1. Subscription start date
  2. Payments approval
  3. Payout processing

There has to be minimum 35 days between subscription start date and the payment approval date. If it’s not 35 days since subscription started, the payout will be processed in next cycle.

Please check the below image to get better idea about the payout cycle.

PLEASE NOTE: These payouts are automatically processed on the date. We cannot manually process at an earlier date or day.


How it works?

Join our partner program and earn with every recommendation! Benefit from competitive commissions and an easy to use tracking system.

  1. join partner program

    Join our partner program

    Sign up for our partner program to access your Partner dashboard and get your unique referral link.

  2. promote motion rental

    Get your referral link

    Share your unique referral link to introduce Motion Rental to your friends and colleagues.

  3. get rewarded

    Promote Motion Rental

    Recommend Motion Rental's vehicle subscription to your friends and colleagues.

  4. get rewarded

    Get rewarded

    Get rewarded via Wise for referring every successful subscription to our vehicle.

Simple & Hassle-free Sign-up

Start earning today

All you need is a email account and few friends and colleagues


Your questions, answered

You will find most of the questions you may have are answered below. If there is anything else, you can certainely contact us through our contact page.

    Why should I partner with Motion Rental?

    By becoming our partner, you will be rewarded by recommending our vehicle subscription. Motion Rental has already helped over 100s of students and travellers to subscribe to our vehicle subscription, and we need you to help us grow even further!

    When you become our partner, you’ll get access to a dashboard to monitor your referral activity, get access to our assets and resources to help you promote our vehicle subscription and get rewarded even more.

    How much commission do I get?

    As this is our first partner program, we wanted to make it simple and easier to understand. Hence we have started with only 1 partner program.

    Get $50 rewarded for every successful qualifying subscription.

    We have 14 days cookie window, which means your links are valid for 14 days from the day it has been first clicked. If you referral haven’t signed up in 14 day, either you do not get commission or you can send them link again so that they can sign up.

    What do you mean by qualifying subscription

    When someone subscribes to our vehicle for at least 4 weeks, it is considered a Qualifying Subscription.

    How do commission payouts work?

    We pay all of your earned commission at the beginning of each month, so you receive a payment approximately every 35 days. We approve all of your conversions by 1st of each month and process the payment on 7th of each month, which you can then withdraw into your bank or Wise account


    • Minimum Partner Payment is $50. (The scheduled payout will not initiate if the minimum total commission amount is not reached.)
    • Commission Period is Once (It means how long the rewards will be active for.)
    • Commission Review Period is 35 days (After this period, the referred subscriber will count toward a reward.)
    • Commission Claim Period: 3 years (After this period, any unclaimed rewards will be deleted.)

    We only pay through WISE MASS PAY.

    If you want to get rewarded, please sign up to WISE Account through this link and have AUD account in WISE.

    How long does the cookie is stored for attribution?

    Important: We have recently started the program with only link based referral rewards. Once we are ready with cookie based referral program, we will let you know. But for time being, you will have to request your friends and family members to use your link for signing up.

    Once we roll out Cookie based solution, we will store cookie for 14 days.
    It means once the customer has clicked on your link, they have 14 days to signup to our vehicle subscription without clicking on your link again and if they do not subscribe to our vehicle in 14 days, then we cannot attribute you as the referrer.

    How do you attribute referral to the partner?

    We use first click to track all the Partner referrals.
    Partner A referred Customer Z to our vehicle subscription. Once Customer Z clicks the link, we attribute the referral to Partner A.
    5 days later, if Partner B refers the same Customer Z to our vehicle subscription, we will still attribute Partner A as the referrer and reward them.

    But if 14 days later of the first click, if Partner B refers the same Customer Z to our vehicle subscription, and they subscribe then, we will attribute Partner B as the referrer and reward them.

    Is there a limit on how many subscribers I can refer to?

    No, there is no limit on how many subscribers you bring in. However, there is a threshold of minimum of $50 that can be paid as reward. If you do not meet the threshold, the reward carries over for the next period and so on.

    How can I bring in more subscribers and earn reward?

    You can use our Assets from below and use on your social media, we are also planning to continuously create media content for Assets for you to use and our Social Media. You can forward into your groups, retweet, post and so on.

    What referring methods are allowed?

    We welcome everyone on our program, whether you have a website, blog, company or a prominent social media account. You can promote Motion Rental’s vehicle subscription by writing articles about our products, including Motion Rental in your other articles, YouTube videos, or on social media. If you have a company, you can also recommend Motion Rental’s vehicle subscription to your customers and employees (include your partner link so you get paid when they do that!).

    We don’t work with voucher/discount code websites, affiliate networks or partners who only acquire traffic to their content pages through paid advertising.  

    Have more questions?

    Contact our team at [email protected], we are more than happy to assist you.