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Australian License

Transfer International License to Queensland License

Pathway to QLD Rider's License

If you are using our vehicles with delivering for UberEats, you will need Australian Rider's License starting from early April 2024.

  • First you need to get CRN from TMR (Department of Transport & Main Roads). This is free.

    You will need:

    • Australian or International Passport
    • Proof of Address (QLD Residence)
    • Overseas Rider’s/Driver’s License (along with NAATI certified English Translated copy if original document is not in English)

    You will need 2 documents from:

    • Student ID Card (with photo)
    • Bank Debit/Credit Card
    • Medicare Card

    You are not applying for Rider's or Driver's License at this stage. The above-mentioned documents are what we recommend. For more information on other documents, please refer to TMR Website link above.

    QLD Sample License
  • Enrol in a one-day Q-Ride Motorcycle RE Restricted Course.

    During the course, you will need to demonstrate your competency. The course can be done on a scooter, contact us for more info.

    This course is up to 8 hours, and you must have some experience, be riding a motorcycle or scooter regularly in mainstream traffic conditions and be confident with cornering, low speed and braking control.

    The Restricted (RE) licence course consists of two components:

    Q-Ride Exercises:

    1. Figure 8’s – turn at a low speed with control
    2. Slow Ride – control the bike at a slow walking pace
    3. Slalom – weave around obstacles
    4. Controlled stop – bring the bike to a smooth stop
    5. Swerve – similar to slalom, however faster
    6. Emergency stop – stop quickly and smoothly with total control

    Road Ride

    The 2-hour on-road session will combine both practical testing and discussion, to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to respond to potential hazards.  The road ride will be in various speed zones up to 80km/hr and involve 5 * ten-minute rides and 5 * ten-minute discussions on defensive techniques.

    Insctructor displaying turning to other learning riders
  • You need to answer at least 27 out of 30 multiple choice questions correctly on topics ranging from road rules to risk management and hazard perception.

    You can pass the test with 1 incorrect answer from the first 10 questions and 2 incorrect answers from the last 20 questions.

    With your CRN you can do this test online through the link below.

    You can practice the written test through the link below.

    a rider giving written knowledge test
  • Apply for your Qld Motorcycle licence at a TMR Customer Service Centre.

    Some countries are exempt from Step 2 & 3.
    See list of exempt countries through the link below.

    This is not a pathway to transfer your car licence. If you require a car licence, you can apply for a car learner's licence and do an additional written and practical driving test.

    a rider riding motorcycle on a road in middle of forest